New Prenatal Test Predicts Risk For Preterm Delivery

New Prenatal Test Predicts Risk For Preterm Delivery

A recently published study has revealed that a simple, non-invasive urinary test may be used to predict pre-term birth and poor fetal development. The new screening test, given early in pregnancy examines urine for metabolic abnormalities. The study concluded that where certain abnormalities existed, the mothers were at a higher risk of having a preterm birth and poor fetal development.

Growth failure, accelerated weight gain, cardiovascular disorders and other health problems in childhood are associated with preterm birth and fetal growth restriction.

Preterm birth is defined as being when a baby is born before the 37th week of pregnancy. Fetal growth restriction is when a newborn's birth weight falls below the 10th percentile of their predicted birth weight.

While not all premature births can be avoided, steps can be taken to identify those mothers at higher risk of having a preterm birth. A doctor's or other healthcare provider's failure to diagnose and resolve these issues – or a misdiagnosis of the risk – may constitute negligence. If your child was delivered prematurely and suffered a birth injury as the result, consulting with an experienced California birth injury lawyer is important to determine your next steps.

Several prenatal tests exist that can predict abnormalities and heightened risk factors for certain birth conditions. This non-invasive urine test provides a new option for doctors and expectant parents to garner information early on in order to help ensure the best possible outcome for a newborn.

For more information, or if you believe your child suffered as the result of negligent prenatal care, please contact our dedicated California birth injury attorneys at Bostwick & Peterson, LLP for an immediate and confidential consultation.


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