Doctors May Be Held Responsible for In Vitro Fertilization Errors

Doctors May Be Held Responsible for In Vitro Fertilization Errors

The use of in vitro fertilization and other reproduction technologies have provided great benefit to many couples – often allowing them to have the families they worried might not be possible. And while most procedures go smoothly, preventable errors do occur. Often these errors are significant – such as implanting the embryo in a woman's uterus or fertilizing an egg with the wrong person's sperm. Despite the fact that IVF lawsuits are relatively infrequent, with the increased use of IVF and other reproduction technologies, the incidence of IVF negligence is on the rise.

If you have questions concerning IVF or have concerns that the proper procedures weren't followed, you should speak to an experienced California birth injury lawyer right away. Because many moral and ethical considerations may affect the courts approach to IVF lawsuits, is it critically important that you speak to a California negligence attorney who understands the legal complexities involved in IVF litigation.

Other reproductive technology errors include improper screening and testing of eggs or sperm used in the procedure. The repercussions of improper or negligent IVF procedure are significant and include unwittingly carrying another couple's child, having a child with a party you didn't consent to, or raising a child with a birth defect or other disorder that could have been prevented.

Further even though reproductive technology is rapidly changing, doctors, physicians and other health care providers who offer IVF or other reproductive services must keep up to date with the current standards of care, as in any other field of medicine. While this may be challenging, a doctor who provides these services may be held accountable and found liable for medical malpractice if they fail to follow the proper protocol.

If you have questions about IVF negligence, or believe that your IVF procedure was performed improperly or negligently, please contact the dedicated California birth injury attorneys at Bostwick & Peterson for an immediate consultation.


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