The High Cost of Prenatal Negligence

The High Cost of Prenatal Negligence

Finding out you're expecting a child can be one of the greatest days in a couple's lives. However, along with the joy expectant parents experience, they also worry about the health of their unborn child. Widely available genetic testing exists that can provide parents critical information concerning the potential an unborn child will be born with a birth defect. This knowledge can help them make crucial decisions concerning whether to continue with a pregnancy knowing the risk factors.

Genetic testing is also available that can provide couples critical advice before couples decide to get pregnant. The failure of medical professionals to properly perform these tests, or inform parents about their availability can have devastating consequences.

Many birth conditions and genetic disorders such as downs syndrome and cystic fibrosis can have a significant impact on both a child's quality of life and the life of his or her parents who must often pay for a lifetime of care and treatment. For example a child's likelihood of developing down syndrome can be detecting through various tests such as chronic villus sampling, ultrasound combined with blood testing, and amniocentesis.

The failure to perform these tests may constitute a breach of the requisite standard of care and the doctors may be found responsible for medical malpractice based on "prenatal misdiagnosis."

If you have questions about prenatal care, or believe that your child suffered a birth injury as the result of prenatal negligence, please contact the top California birth injury attorneys at Bostwick & Peterson, LLP for an immediate consultation.


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