How do I know if I have a medical malpractice case?

How do I know if I have a medical malpractice case?

If you obtain medical assistance, and suffer harm as a result, it may be possible to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. To determine if you have a case for medical negligence, you should contact an experienced California medical malpractice lawyer immediately.

A medical malpractice lawyer can begin an investigation into all to the factors surrounding your claim and help determine your next steps. Several different considerations will have to be evaluated. For example, did a doctor patient relationship exist? Sometimes this is straightforward, such as when you visit a doctor at his or her office for an appointment or checkup. Other times, the answer may be vague, such as when you consult with one doctor and are referred to another, and may be treated by another. Generally, a doctor patient relationship is formed when the doctor takes an affirmative step in caring for a patient, whether examining, treating or diagnosing a patient.

Once it has been established that a doctor/patient relationship exists, the next steps would be to determine whether the doctor was negligent and whether that negligence caused your harm. This typically involves a medical expert reviewing the medical records in a particular case to determine whether the doctor breached the standard of care. Further, even where it is believed that negligence occurred, to have a viable case for medical malpractice, you must establish that the negligent conduct caused your harm. Additionally, if the conduct was negligent – but you didn’t suffer any harm – then it may be hard to maintain a viable medical malpractice lawsuit.

Due to the complicated nature of medical malpractice cases, it is important to consult with an experienced California medical malpractice lawyer if you believe that you have been harmed as a result of a medical mistake.California medical malpractice lawyers

For more information, please contact the experienced and compassionate California medical malpractice lawyers at Bostwick & Peterson, LLP for an immediate consultation.


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