Alleged Pitocin Overdose Leads to Birth Injury

Alleged Pitocin Overdose Leads to Birth Injury

According to legal news, the family of a girl who sustained a brain injury during labor and delivery has reached a $15 million settlement with a local hospital. The hospital has not admitted liability. Pursuant to the complaint filed in the case, the hospital continuously administered Pitocin, despite the mother experiencing excessive contractions. As a result of an “overdose of pitocin” the mother’s contractions became too frequent and too close together, cutting off oxygen and blood flow to the child’s brain. Additonally, despite signs that the child was in distress, health care providers failed to act quickly enough to perform a cesarean section.

The complaint asserted that the hospital and health care providers were negligent in the administration of Pitocin and in the failure to take the necessary steps immediately when signs of distress were evident. As a result, the child suffered a severe brain injury leading to cerebral palsy. Representatives note that the child is unable to care for herself "in any meaningful way," and will require extensive life long care.

The drug Pitocin is frequently administered to help labor progress. It mimics oxytocin, which is a hormone naturally produced by the body. Unfortunately, while it is useful in made situations, it is not without risks. Some may be mild such as increased pain during delivery, or much more serious such as brain injuries that may affect a mother or child for their entire lives.

In this instance, the settlement funds will go towards a lifetime of medical care for the child. For more information, or if you or your child was injured as a result of the administration of Pitocin, please contact the experienced California birth injury lawyers at Bostwick Peterson LLP for an immediate consultation.


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