What are common birth injuries?

What are common birth injuries?

Birth injuries can be devastating for patients and their families.  While some complications are common in utero, during labor and immediately following, when do complications and injuries constitute negligence?  Unfortunately there is no simple answer.  It is important to speak with an experienced California medical malpractice lawyer as soon as possible to review your case and determine the next steps.

Some common risk factors that may lead to more serious injuries if not addressed properly include the excessive or unusual pulling during the labor and delivery process.  This may occur when the infant is in breech position, face down, or otherwise positioned abnormally and the obstetrician uses excessive force, or uses forceps or a vacuum incorrectly.  Similar issues may also occur when the child and/or its head is too large, or the shape or size of the women’s pelvis is too small the accommodate the size of the baby.  Excessive force may lead to serious injuries to the brachial plexus nerves, resulting in potentially permanent nerve damage and paralysis.

Other injures include brain injuries, which may result from a variety of situations.  Brain injuries may occur when the infant suffers a loss of oxygen.   For example, Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) may occurs when the infant suffers a lack of oxygen or blood flow during labor or delivery.  Depending on the length of time the baby goes without sufficient oxygen, they may suffer mild to severe physical or mental impairments depending on how long the baby was deprived of oxygen or blood flow.

Further, in some instances, babies may develop jaundice.  This may be an indication that the bilirubin level of the baby is too high, and needs immediate attention. Bilirubin is a substance contained in the blood and when it reaches high levels it can spread into the tissues of the brain. It is vital that jaundice in a newborn be quickly detected and treated. Failure to do so can constitute medical malpractice or negligence

While each situation is different, suffering any type of birth injury may be cause for concern.  For questions about your legal rights, its important to reach out immediately to a knowledgeable California birth injury attorney.  For more information, please contact the dedicated California birth injury law firm, Bostwick & Peterson, LLP for an immediate consultation.  


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