What types of medical malpractice may lead to brain injuries?

What types of medical malpractice may lead to brain injuries?

When a newborn suffers a brain injury, the effects may last a lifetime. In some instances, the injury may be unavoidable, and due to complications at birth that could not be prevented. Other times, a brain injury may be the result of preventable medical mistakes that occur at or near the time of delivery. If your child has suffered a brain injury, contacting an experienced California birth injury lawyer immediately is important in order to begin an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the birth, including an expert review of the medical records.

What type of actions may result in a brain injury at birth?

Common birth complications occur due to improper fetal positioning, such as being in a breech position. However, safe deliveries without injury can be made. When medical professionals fail to follow proper protocols or are negligent or reckless in their deliveries, life-long harm may occur. For example, the delivery of a child in a breech position may require the use of forceps or vacuum extraction. Pulling too hard, or using too much force, may lead to a brain injury.

Another complication that may lead to a permanent brain injury is the failure to treat jaundice immediately. When an infant's bilirubin levels become high, this may lead to a type of brain damage known as kernicterus. The effects of kernicterus can be devastating to your child's development.

Additionally, when a baby is deprived of sufficient oxygen to the brain and medical staff fails to act quickly to remediate the situation, the infant may suffer a debilitating brain injury. This may occur when the umbilical cord is wrapped around the baby’s neck, or where the child suffers a hypoxic ischemic incidence. In certain situations, an emergency cesarean section may be necessary. Not acting quickly to take such actions may constitute medical malpractice.

If you believe your child suffered a birth injury due to medical negligence, it’s important to contact an experienced California birth injury attorney to discuss your options and provide legal assistance to your family. Please contact Bostwick & Peterson immediately for further information.


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